26 Jun 2015

Full-Time Caretaker


Job Description

Living Soul Foundation Caretaker Position Description:

Living Soul Foundation (LSF) is a non-profit organization providing shelter for young mothers in distress; to educate, equip and encourage new life as they return to their communities transformed to lead and disciple others to positively impact the next generation. LSF is opening a center in Kigoma region for young girls ranging in age from 10-17 years old for a live-in program of two years. LSF will be providing health education, trauma and spiritual counseling, pre-natal care, health care, vocational training, and life skills to the girls within the center with the aim to reintegrate into society. The young girls will be living in a safe and secure shelter that will ensure an environment in which they can thrive in and begin to raise their children in. Preparatory assistance through vocational or traditional education is one of the main focuses of LSF so that the young mothers can be self-sustaining once they exit the shelter. An additional focus of LSF is to have a direct impact on the local community through partnerships that focus on family health and issues that have been identified and selected by local leaders as important.

Job Title: Caretaker

Duty Station: Kigoma

Overview of the Job:

The caretaker is a live-in position that is responsible for the daily activities of the young mothers in the shelter. LSF’s caretaker will provide a quality, stable, nurturing home environment for the young girls. The caretaker will also partner with a learning community of teachers, health professionals, and administrators. The services provided will be exchanged for rent-free living in the LSF home and a salary.  Duties will include supervising all aspects of the youth’s activities while in the home. The caretaker will maintain a good working relationship with the other LSF staff, and keep the LSF Program Manager Kigoma informed about concerns and significant changes. She is responsible for the safety and security of the house, being available for emergencies throughout the night, and other duties assigned.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

It’s all about the girls. The requirements help ensure the girls’ growth and success:

•Develop relationships with young girls in the house

•Create an emotionally safe and secure environment where the girls feel loved, cared for, and nurtured

•Oversee resident’s daily schedule

•Teach and train the young girls in household duties (i.e. cleaning, cooking, etc.)

•Supervise meal preparation through clean up and assign duties as necessary

•Assist with escorting residents to appointments and trips away from the shelter

•Follow program schedules such as church attendance, meal planning, food shopping, room inspections, and keep accurate records.

•Keep daily progress notes, including medical and educational information

•Participate in trainings

•Ensure that the girls attend all required meetings, lessons, and trainings

•Maintain rules and regulations

•Provide suitable consequences for when the girls break rules

•Be available to support the residents for emergencies and non-emergencies

•Hold residents accountable to curfew hours and staying overnight in the house

•Do nightly safety and security checks of the house ensuring that every girl is accounted for.

•Reports to the LSF Executive Director on livelihood of residents

 Qualifications and Experience Required:

Suitable candidate should have Form 4 and at least 2+ years of suitable experience. This position demands someone that can handle stressful situations, who exhibits great maturity, healthy boundaries, loving, and nurturing spirit:

•Working with adolescents

•Working in group homes

•Multicultural team interaction

•Proficient in English and Kiswahili

Job Types: Full-Time. Job Tags: youth worker.

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